architectural competition for the concept of building conversion into a multifunctional building for the foundation of biblical institutes / Ustroń

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Architectural competition for the concept of the conversion of the building into a multifunctional building for the foundation of biblical institutes

investment description

Investor: Foundation of Biblical Institutes in Katowice

Functional system:
The project assumes the location of functions in the existing building divided into functional zones so that some of them, according to the Organizer’s requirements, can be separated from the others and function independently or be connected. In order to maintain a good functional connection of the zones, the main entrance to the building together with the Visitor’s Center zone has been designed in the central part of the building, giving the possibility to connect with the Visitor’s Center all the zones accessible to guests such as gastronomy, museum, conference zone and museum.


The above mentioned zones belong to:

  • Entrance zone / Visitor’s Center zone
  • General zone
  • Museum zone
  • Catering zone
  • Conference area
  • The Institute’s area with a flat for volunteers
  • Reading area
  • Hotel zone
  • Host’s accommodation zone



dane liczbowe

Usable area: 1304,73 m2

Cubature: 5707,07 m3


Competition work: Award for 1st place


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