Reconstruction and extension of the production and warehouse hall in Żory

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Building type

Reconstruction and expansion of the production and storage hall of Nifco Korea Poland Sp. z o.o. in Żory.


Buildings for a large company operating in the automotive industry. The facility consists of a redeveloped production and warehouse hall and a new production and storage hall with locker rooms, car parks, roads and maneuvering yards for TIR vans.


New hall:

  • Usable area of the production hall: 7 934 m2
  • Usable area of technical and economic buildings: 145 m2
  • Volume of the production hall: 94 177 m3
  • parking space for cars – 159
  • truck parking space – 4


Investment in completion – completion of construction planned at the beginning of 2018

BMZ stage 2 – construction status at 31/01/2019

Construction status [31.01.2019] Currently, works are being carried out in the area of ​​the indirect foundation of the “D” segment – Warehouse. The General Contractor mainly carries out works related to the ground foundation piles.

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BMZ2 – completion of design works

The end of the project! Completion of works related to the releasing a final project for the extension of an industrial plant at ul. Albert Einstein 9 in Gliwice for the company BMZ Poland. Already with a building permit!

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