Hotel in Gliwice

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Hotel in the Gliwice Centre.


The facility will consist of 2 parts, i.e. the existing five-storey (plus basement) unit and the newly designed 4-storey unit (plus the underground car park).

The architectural showpiece of the building will be the renovated stone cladded front façade of the existing house, therefore the inside part (newly designed) will have a simple and uncomplicated form. Internal façades will be finished with mineral plaster. The whole complex comprises a hotel*** and the accompanying infrastructure, i.e. breakfast buffet area, conference centre, cocktail bar, 2 saunas and a gym.

Investor: Private Client


  • Usable area: 3 371 m2
  • Volume: 14 858 m3


Project in preparation phase.

Next stage of Dynamo training for constructors

The next stage was a training course for our design engineers on the topic of ” Creating tools to streamline and automate design work in the field of reinforcement of monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, and building coordination models in Dynamo for Revit”.

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