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Construction of the guest house in Żory


The investment involves the construction of a boarding house together with the car park and the internal road. The guesthouse was designed on a rectangular plan with a niche at the main entrance. The building was covered with a flat roof. Facades are in subdued gray with color accents. The entrance to the building was designed in the central part of the ground floor, with the addition of a wide recess for the roof.

Investor: Private Client


  • Usable area: 720,9 m2
  • Volume: 3 454,47 m3


Construction completed – 2017

BAUREN Design Office – DYNAMO training in the AUTODESK REVIT environment

Firstly, we want to meet our clients’ expectations. The design industry is constantly evolving, the programmes we work in are also changing, giving us new opportunities.

Secondly, we like to feel young 😊.
Therefore, in the words of Henry Ford

“Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether he is 20 or 80 years old.
Whoever continues to learn remains young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

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