Multipurpose warehouse and manufacturing building in the Upper Silesian Industrial Park in Katowice

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Building type

A manufacturing building in the Upper Silesian Industrial Park in Katowice.


A building complex for the Upper Silesian Industrial Park consisting of a warehouse with a two-storey office building which is connected to the ground floor of the warehouse by closed exterior staircases; a security booth; boiler house and mechanical rooms; parking-lots for workers and clients; as well as internal roads and maneuvering areas for trucks. The warehouse’s interior is organized in modules, so it’s very flexible and can adapt to the needs of different clients.


  • Usable area of the production hall: 16 178,00 m2
  • Volume of the production hall: 176 851,00 m3
  • Usable area of the office building: 2 861,37 m2
  • Volume of the office building: 12 483,00 m3


Construction completed in December 2007.

BAUREN team training – Revit with elements of BIM 360

In order to optimize design processes and increase their efficiency, as part of the FG 1 program “Support for the development of SMEs in the Silesian Voivodeship”, whose funds are administered by the Operator Fundusz Górnośląski in Katowice, we have benefited from funding for a training course for our team organized by EVEREST Consulting & […]

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