Radiometry laboratory building for the Central Mining Institute in Katowice

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Building type

Radiometry laboratory.


Design of the building including land development within the GIG Katowice premises. The building consists of the underground and above ground part. Underground there are rooms used for tests made on open radiation sources (radon chamber), whereas in the above ground part there are training rooms, laboratories and office rooms.

The building has a simple shape incorporated into the surrounding buildings – offices, laboratories, workshops.


  • Usable area: 1552,16 m2
  • Gross covered area:: 396.50 m2
  • Volume: 6,918.60 m3


Project completed

Next stage of Dynamo training for constructors

The next stage was a training course for our design engineers on the topic of ” Creating tools to streamline and automate design work in the field of reinforcement of monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, and building coordination models in Dynamo for Revit”.

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