Production and storage hall KET Poland Sp. z o.o. / Zabrze

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A few months ago, we completed a multi-discipline design and cost estimate documentation for a production and storage hall with social facilities and the necessary technical infrastructure for KET POLAND Sp. z o.o. in Zabrze.
The project was carried out entirely in BIM technology.

In the project, it was very important to respond quickly to the high dynamics of changes in the functional layout at the design stage and partially at the execution stage.
This resulted from the changing market needs of the Investor’s industry, and thus its production capacity. No less important was the aspect of the Investor’s economic policy.

We found the project very interesting and at the same time ambitious from the point of view of the construction industry. We used large-scale prefabrication. As many as four staircases were designed entirely prefabricated. As there were significant loads on the ceilings, we used large sections of HC-type prefabricated ceilings.


Built-up area of 9,449.00 m2
Useful floor area 15 341.80 m2
Total area 18 898.00 m2
Volume  118 014.30 m2
Hardened surface area 4 544.70 m2
Biologically active area 4 575.90 m2

Next stage of Dynamo training for constructors

The next stage was a training course for our design engineers on the topic of ” Creating tools to streamline and automate design work in the field of reinforcement of monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, and building coordination models in Dynamo for Revit”.

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