Market Hall with supporting infrastructure for an outdoor market in Oświęcim

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Building type

A shopping hall with technical infrastructure in municipal market in Oświęcim.


The market hall consists of three functionally independent parts, each of different height. The A part is a free space without any commercial pavilions intended for organisation of exhibitions, events or the so called “direct” sales. The B part is a two-storey facility, on the ground floor there are industrial branch commercial stands, maintenance rooms, restrooms, technical service room; upstairs there is a café, bowling alley and administration. The C part is intended for food sector commercial stands. The whole building is accessible for the disabled.

The building has a form of an extended rectangle with three parts individualised by height and material. Glazed façades of the B part contrast with the façades of lower parts with clinker brick and mortar cladding.


  • Usable area: 6,462.80 m2
  • Gross covered area: 5,473.00 m2
  • Volume: 43,043.00 m3


Project in preparation phase.

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